Undefeated Willard ready to make a run

“I think everybody knows us as a fast-paced team,” said Willard junior Brielle Adamson.
“For the last few years, we’ve played at a fast-paced level, that’s kind of what Willard is about,” Willard senior Jada Holloman said.
The basketball season has just begun but watching the Willard Lady Tigers plow through and win their own tournament you’d think they’re in mid-season form.
“Some of the really nice feedback we’ve gotten from some of the other coaches here in the school is just how confident our young ladies look. They commented on every time they take a shot; they really feel like they think it’s going in. That’s just a tribute to them and how they play in a free-flowing fashion and have the confidence to take the shot when it’s open,” said Tigers head coach J.J. Adamson.
Four different players have been leading scorers so far this season, and five scored in double digits in the Willard tournament championship.
“There’s no star player on our team we all work together to be a star team,” said Tigers senior Addy Adamson.
“It’s a lot of fun. We just enjoy playing with each other. Whenever we’re out on the court we just have fun with it, and that’s part of what makes us so good,” Willard senior Ariana Patillo said.
“Our coach says we make chicken salad, so basically we just put stuff together and play basketball. That’s basically what we do. We try our hardest, we really do,” said Tigers senior Vanessa Wells.
But in the eye of the Tigers, they’re nowhere near their potential.
“Right now, I feel like it’s nowhere near our peak, we haven’t peaked yet but when we will you guys will know for sure,” Wells said.
“I think we can be great. We’ve started off really well, and we’re just going to keep getting better and better,” said Brielle Adamson.
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